6 motivi per scegliere una masseria

Olive groves as far as the eye silver, green vine leaves gently clinging to the wheat rows and expanses caressed by the breeze that smells of salt water. Along the way, the glow of the trulli cones alternates the stonewalls and the figs prickly blades, with their brightly coloured fruits. Farmers’ wives often sell them in an handmade basket together with other fruits.

This is the bucolic setting with old emotions and in which peep the white outlines of ancient farms, many of which turned into chic country resort.

The best way to discover the authentic Puglia and its real soul is to spend your journey in a place that has a story to tell: such as in a typical masseria.

We tell you, in six reasons, why an authentic experience in masseria is necessary!

1. Apulian hospitality and welcome:

Staying in a typical Apulian masseria means enjoying our hospitality and welcome both from the staff, but especially by the owners too.

You will not be welcomed as mere guests; you will be part of a large family who will take care of you with kindness and warmth in the service.

2. Contact with nature:

In Puglia, you will find a lot of masserie immersed in nature and characterized by wide-open spaces where you meet orchards, vegetable gardens, vineyards and olive groves.

In these natural oases, it will not be hard let wake up to birdsong, breathe the scent of wet earth the dew of the morning and be fascinated by the rural landscapes.

3. Return to traditions:

Everything here is about history. Those who today appear as elegant luxury resort, were once structures with rural vocation, in which the typical production activities, such as farming and herding are still carried out.

You breathe the history of the masseria everywhere, from the old buildings used as stables, to the stores for forage and harvest, today converted into elegant suites. It will often entranced by the charm of the old small churches, usually present along with watchtowers and the crypts.

4. Returns of ancient flavours and local products:

The encounter with the Apulian gastronomic tradition and the tasting of typical products in the frame of a splendid farm, where the best local ingredients are the main elements of the daily menu, will make it hard for your return home!

Here you will have the privilege to enjoy the flavours and appreciate the delicious homemade products, from cakes to preserves and jams, to the typical Apulian taralli, sweet and savoury.

5. A slice of heaven, free from the stress:

To stay here is definitely the ideal place to enjoy a relaxing break and to rest body and spirit.

Here the days are just from the experience of real life, with no worries. Having time for yourself could be the modern synonymous of “true luxury”. Isn’t it?

6. The ideal place for couples and families

Time stops, you have boundless space and the silence surrounds you, creating an almost surreal atmosphere of total relaxation.

All this will only increase the pleasure of spend your vacation with your family or in pairs, to rediscover together moments of peace, sharing stories, feelings and emotions.

You will live, in short, a unique experience in an unforgettable land!

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