Polignano a Mare

The two must-see on Coast of Trulli

The Coast of Trulli is a charming area of Apulia, known for its white beaches and its clear sea, for the authenticity of the countryside covered by olive orchards, for Trulli and “masserie” (traditional Apulian farms), for its rich cultural heritage and for the exceptional food and wine production.  

Our journey will start from Monopoli, a town known as the ‘City of the one-hundred districts’(Città delle 100 Contrade).

Monopoly is a vibrant place on the Adriatic Coast, whit an old picturesque center which includes remains of rock-art dated to the middle ages.

During our tour we will visit the Castle of Charles V, symbol and landmark of the city. Just outside of the city-center, in the low lands which face the coast, we will go seeing some of the best preserved fortified Masserie.

The last stop of our tour of Monopoli, will be the Botanical Garden ‘Lama degli Ulivi’,  with its cave-art, churches and more than two-thousands Mediterranean plant species.

  Monopoli and its hinterland creates an unique landscape that can be admired at a glance from Loggia del Pilato, an outstanding viewpoint that you meet on the way to Selva di Fasano, and where you could taste local food and wines in some of the best restaurants of the area.

The coast of Monopoli is also renowned for its beaches, among the most famous and popular in the region, for the golden sand, for the excellent quality of its services and for night entertainment.

Continuing with our itinerary, your senses will be bewitched by Polignano a Mare, a medieval village perched high on the rugged coast, also known as “The Pearl of the Adriatic”.

The first impact with this charming village is Cala Porto, the symbol of Polignano a Mare and the most photographed glimpse with its beach of small white pebbles enclosed by high rocks.

Continuing from the “Arco della Porta”, once the only accessible road to the village, to the old city-center, you will meet the church Chiesa Matrice, built in the 13rd Century AD, and dedicated to the Blessed Virgin of the Assumption. On the way, do not miss the Fondazione Museo ‘’Pino Pascali’’, housed in the former Municipal Slaughterhouse, dedicated to the work of this famous Apulian sculptor and artist.

The old city center of Polignano a Mare is one of a kind, charm and poetry are everywhere; the narrow streets of whitewashed houses are delicately embellished with written citations of numerous poets, whose verses will accompany you during the discovery of the city and its enchanting views. Flowers will surprise you at every corner until you reach the romantic balconies overlooking the sea.

Driving along the coast that twists and turns from Lido di Monopoli until San Vito, the oldest port of Polignano, where the relics of the Saint were founded, you will be enveloped by the atmosphere of a surreal stretch of coastline that can be considered one of the most beautiful in Apulia, including hidden and charming sandy bays. This village has only 88 habitants, and it is characterized by the presence of a Benedectine abbey, built in the 10th century AD, that dominates the view. All around the abbey, you will find orchards were the carrot of Polignano has been farmed for ages. This particular variety of carrot, has recently been recognized, by the Slow Food association, as an example of a new model of traditional food product

Close your eyes and imagine your walk, the crystal clear sea that borders the countryside with Trulli, the smell of freshly caught fish that mixes with the smell of the plowed land, the heat of the beaches and the wind blowing through. Indeed, open your eyes and enjoy all this, enclosed in only 10 km.

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