Puglia. The Best Wedding Destination To Say "I Do"

Renamed the “Extra Luxury Wedding Valley", in recent months Puglia has become the best destination to say the fateful “YES”.

The betrothed from all over the world, VIPs included have chosen Puglia as a setting for their wedding. Among the most glamorous wedding celebrations recently, it is worth mentioning those of Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake, those of the actress Bianca Guaccero with the Director Dario Acocella, celebrated with civil ceremony in Monopoli and, later, on the seashore of Savelletri and those of former footballer Mirko Vucinic, who chose Mesagne to get married with his old girlfriend..

Even two heiresses such as Laure Peugeot (daughter of the industrialist who owns the car company which also includes Citroen) and Violetta Gruosi (daughter of the founder of the Swiss jewellery and diamond company De Grisogono) have chosen these wonderful places to fulfil their dream of love with lavish ceremonies. That’s why Puglia gained a place of honour among the headlines of the most important gossip magazines and more.

But, in terms of sumptuous celebrations, the most talked-about "Apulian" wedding was that of the third child of the Indian steel magnate Pramod Agarwal, Ritika, celebrated in 2014. Three days of “heavily-guarded” wedding: about 800 guests all dressed in gold (colour mood of the event), a set-up of 10 million dollars, incredible scenery and the triumphal entry of the bride and groom on the back of an elephant, fully respecting the Hindu traditions.

Getting married in Puglia has become trendy for VIPs and also for many foreign couples from all over the world.

After all, it is not so hard to understand why. Puglia has multiple panoramas, from the sheer cliffs in the crystal sea to the long stretches of sand, from the sumptuous castles to the trulli scattered across the Itria Valley, from the charming farms surrounded by olive groves and vineyards to the small villages, some recognized among the most beautiful in Italy. All is illuminated by the whiteness of the typical white stone of Apulian buildings, so clear and intense as to reflect the natural light of the Sun, warming the souls of those who stop to admire it. Surely, even the mild climate and the excellent food make this region the ideal location for such a special occasion.

On the other hand, marriage in Puglia is still an absolute value today, one of the most important traditions made of rituals and superstitions to which it is impossible to fail. It represents a bond so strong, reflected in the work of all the operators of the sector who, with this growing trend, developed such professional skills as - just to use the correct term - to marry perfectly all the requests of the betrothed, above all the foreign ones.

With the changing times and the traditions that sometimes seem to get lost, the authenticity and the true beauty of Puglia reside in the constant belief that one gets married only once in life time and, as such deserves to be perfect!

Would you like to be enchanted by the charme of authentic trulli?