Our Land, Our People, Our Kitchen.

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Orto Il Ristorante was born from a simple idea: to tell the story of Puglia!

To do this we use the best tools: the raw materials of our garden which we take care of every day.

Nature takes center stage in the project. It becomes the narration of a territory, the history of its traditions, respect for seasonality and work.

We cultivate tradition and, thanks to the inspiration and creativity of our chefs, we entrust the story to the table.

The kitchen belongs to the earth!



It’s the garden that suggests ideas. Every day a different idea.

The skill of our chefs lies in "picking" that idea personally, tasting it making it their own, improving it by working with their own hands, flavoring it, seasoning it, combining it and finally elegantly serving it.

Through the redevelopment and planning over time, a constant rotation of the products is guaranteed, allowing the construction of a circular model, where the plant element assumes centrality.

The garden becomes a manifest of the territory and an expression of a precise kitchen identity.

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This is how our dishes are born, from the earth and for the earth.

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Every single dish is made with care, so that we can develop constant research work. A kitchen that is designed for the territory with the simple purpose of leading on an extraordinary journey, while remaining comfortably seated, making sure that the earth suggests its path.

We start from Km 0 and then visit the whole of Puglia, each bite is one meter further, each taste a new discovered location, each ingredient a tradition that is rediscovered.



Food is memory and art.

Memory because it comes from tradition and is renewed and reinvented from it to become an expression of an Art thanks to the expert hands of our chefs and, as such, capable of giving emotions to share.

That's why we want to make your dinner memorable and a true art form, giving you the opportunity to book a private dinner in a suggestive place, in the center of our garden, where it all begins.

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